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Parshat Vaera, January 15-January 17

01/15/2021 09:00:00 AM



4:36PM: Candle Lighting
4:40PM: Mincha/Maariv in the Shul

7:30 & 9:30 AM: Shacharit in the Shul 
8:30AM: In the Shul parking lot
9:00AM: Sephardic Shacharit 
9:43AM: Kriat Shema
4:20PM: Sephardic Mincha
4:35PM: Mincha
Join Rabbi Zwickler for Torah In 20 in the Main Sanctuary between Mincha and Maariv. 

4:55PM: Parking Lot Maariv*
5:30PM: Maariv inside the Shul
5:40PM: Havdalah

*As the temperatures get colder in order to eliminate waiting outdoors between mincha/maariv the parking lot minyan will daven maariv immediately after Shkia. Please Note: While we can daaven maariv before shabbos ends no melacha should be done and Havdalah should not be made until the proper Havdalah time 

8:00AM: Shacharit 
8:00AM: Sephardic Shacharit 
10:00AM: Hilchot Talmud Torah with Joel Rich

4:45PM: Mincha/Maariv

Visit to join a minyan in shul, at the parking lot, or in a backyard. 



Aharon was Moshe’s older brother by three years.  It is noteworthy that the order in which Aharon and Moshe are mentioned in the Torah is different in a number of places.  Since  Aharon was older it would suffice that his name should be mentioned first when his and Moshe's names appear together. Rashi explains based on the Midrash that they were both of equal stature, and considered themselves as such, therefore the order of their names is interchangeable in different places.  Chazal observed in the Gemara that no two people are exactly alike.  Even identical twins think differently on some level.  How could the Midrash say that Moshe and Aharon were equal?  The Lubliner Rav zt”l explains that when we speak about people being different, at the root of the distinction is the perception that two have of each other.  Moshe and Aharon perceived each other as being equal. The Torah therefore recognizes this exceptional behavior by placing the order of their names interchangeably.  It is important to remember how we perceive other people, and how that perception impacts our behavior.  Good Shabbos!

-This past week we were all shaken by the “Zoom bombing” which took place on the shul’s Zoom room.  The West Orange Police Department is thoroughly investigating the matter.  We are reminded that hate can hit close to home, and that we must remain vigilant and vocal in the face of Anti-Semitism. 

- Please join me and Rabbi Sharbat for an exciting new program -- "Who's Who and What's New" -- which will kick off on Monday night at 9pm in the AABJ&D Zoom Room.  This week, we will be schmoozing with a new member of our community: Yedeed Mellman, who will share interesting insights into his film and television career, and how things are evolving during this time.

- Please help us plan for Purim by completing  this short survey  with your preferences for hearing megillah. 

Tehillim List
We will begin to collect names to start up the weekly Tehillim list again. At this time we can only accept  names of members and or  direct family of members.  Please email the Shul office at


  • Parsha Sheets: Click here. 
  • Motzei Shabbat, January 16 at 6:10PM: Join us for a fun night of parent-child learning.  An opportunity to learn with Rabbi Zwickler and win prizes.   Click here   for source sheets. Zoom link here: Join Zoom Meeting, ID: 884 4792 8692
  • Thank you to Rabin and Sima Rozezadeh for sponsoring Mishmash this week in honor of Shira Ilana's 5th birthday! Happy birthday!! Thank you to our anonymous donor for sponsoring two $15 Amazon gift cards for the remainder of Mishmash.
  • If you would like to sponsor Mishmash please or speak to Shifra.
  • Looking forward to seeing our Jr. Teens at Cupcake wars Saturday night! 
  • Join AABJ&D & Ohr Torah youth departments on Sunday morning at 9:45 am for some Zoom Zumba with our amazing leaders Danielle Felderman and Laila Klugman!  Join Zoom Meeting- Meeting ID: 746 570 4955
  • Save the Date: Jan 22nd- Zoom Emoji Matching game for K-1st grade.
  • Join us in writing cards/letters EVERY FRIDAY to send to residents of Daughters of IsraelClick here for more information.



  • Motzei Shabbat, January 16- Virtual Mixology Evening. Featuring Jewish Mixologist, Dammara Kovnats Hall, and lots of fun!  Event open to all men and women, singles and couples!  A fundraiser event that benefits the West Orange Mikvah. Click here for more info.
  • Sunday, January 17  at 10:00AM: Join Joel Rich as we begin a new topic, Hilchot Talmud Torah (Laws of Torah Study). No prior background is required for this series and each session can be attended independently.  Click here to find an online version of Sefer Madda with English translation.
  • Sunday, January 17 from 6:00-7:15PM: Federation Presents...The Legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.: Understanding the Black Experience in Today’s America. This virtual conversation will feature five local African American community leaders discuss their experience of being Black in America. Plus Senator Cory Booker will address Dr. King’s legacy and his personal hopes for advancing racial justice and equality in the new administration. Register here.
  • Monday, January 18 at 9:00PM: Who's Who & What's New With Rabbi Zwickler and Rabbi Sharbat.  Join Rabbi Zwickler and Rabbi Sharbat for an engaging "Schmooze".  Following the pilot, future episodes will include featured guests - please join us!Click here for more info. 
  • Tuesday, January 19 at 10:00AM: All women are invited to join Rabbi Zwickler for a text based Parshat Hashavuah Shiur. Click here for more info. 
  • Tuesday, January 19 at 8:00PM: All men and women are invited to an interactive text-based shiur via Zoom on Sefer Amos and Hoshea led Rabbi Yosef Sharbat. Click here for more info. 
  • Wednesday, January 20 at 8:00PM: Parshat Hashavuah Shiur led by Rabbi Eliezer Zwickler. Click here for more info. 
  • Thursday, January 21 at 8:00PM: Join us for a Gemara Shiur on Mesechet Kiddushin led by Rabbi Eliezer ZwicklerClick here for more info.
  • January 28, February 22, March 24 from 7:30-8:30PM: Federation Presents...Women of Wisdom Education Series- Join discussions on some of the most pressing and challenging issues of our time: 1) An Evening to Exhale: Coping and Managing Stress in Uncertain Times, 2) Anti-Semitism: Reality, Reaction and Response, and 3) An Open Discussion About Women’s Health at Every Stage. Note: a minimum gift of $54 is requested. Register here.
  • Save the Date: Thursday, February 4 at 7:30PM: Federation Presents...FedFlix: Fauda- Join leading senior defense correspondent for Israel Channel 13, Alon Ben-David, in a behind the scenes conversation with Lior Raz and Avi Issacharoff, masterminds of the Netflix hit series, Fauda. You will get a first-hand look into the realities of life near Gaza from our partners in Kibbutz Erez. Note: a minimum gift of $180 is requested. Register here.
  • Save the Date: February 10 at 8:15PM: Women's Beit Midrash Program-  The shiur is being sponsored by Tova and Howard Weiser to commemorate the 20th Yahrzeit of Tova's mother, Chava Devora bat Yosef v'Gittel (Dora Weiss). Our speaker will be Devorah Kigel, a frequent lecturer who has been teaching classes on Judaism for women since 2001. She also prepares brides for marriage, works as a dating and marriage coach and teaches monthly marriage enhancement classes. The shiur is entitled: “FROM FEMINIST TO FRUM: Have you ever thought Judaism was sexist? I did."
  • Save the Date: Tuesday, February 16 at 7:30PM: "A Brief Introduction To Suicide Prevention" Join us for this informative program sponsored by Greater MetroWest ABLE as part of our community planning for Jewish Disabilities Acceptance, Awareness and Inclusion Month (JDAIM). Click here for more info. 





  • AABJ&D Sisterhood Presents... Tu B'Shvat Platters. Platters include seven species of dried fruit and a seder guide. $28 per platter. Orders are due by 1/22. Click here for more info. Click here to sign up now. 
  • AABJ&D Sisterhood Presents... #HowDoYouScrip Raffle- From January 1 through January 20 enter to win a $100 gift card to Aron's West Orange. Anyone who orders $200 or more of scrip will be entered to win the raffle. Every $200 purchase will get you another entry. Click here to sign up now. 
  • Please join the Orthodox Union community for the recitation of Tehillim (chapters 20, 27, and 130) and divrei chizuk each afternoon at 1:00PM.  The dial-in number is (773) 377-9170.
  • If you would like to sponsor a shiur, day of learning or week of learning please click here and include dedication information.
  • Join our WhatsApp groups!  Click here for a list of available groups.



  • The WO/Livingston Chesed Group is launching a project that will try to ease the financial burden on those community members who are unemployed/ underemployed. We are compiling a list of individuals who would be willing to donate their services (e.g. medical, legal, financial, IT, therapy, etc). If you are interested in joining this initiative, please fill out this form or reach out to any of us at
  • In an effort to assist individuals who are in need of job search support during this economic downturn, the Livingston and West Orange communities have revived the Jewish Job Network (JJN), including guidance in resume writing, interviewing, career counseling, networking, starting a new business, learning how to consult and job retraining.  If you are in need of assistance or if you are interested in volunteering, please go to JJN's website  If you have any questions on the above, please reach out to Fernand Schoppig -



  • All members, guests, and faculty must wear masks that fully cover the nose and mouth at all times while on shul property—both during and after davening.  Masks may not be removed, even to cough, sneeze or blow your nose. This is absolutely mandatory both inside and outside the building, including the parking lot and common areas.
  • In order to help ensure the health and safety of our community, we want to remind everyone of the critical importance of adhering to the calls for social distancing, including play dates or any innocuous get togethers.
  • If you would like to make an appointment, please call or text him at 973 568-4469. Dr. Torin Rutner is conducting COVID testing and COVID antibody testing locally.



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