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Halachic Healthcare Proxy (HHCP) by the Rabbinical Council of America (RCA)

Health Proxy Guidelines: This document is intended to provide general halachic guidance to patients and families involved in making difficult medical decisions that frequently arise at the end of life.

Health Care Proxy: This Halachic Health Care Proxy is designed to help ensure that all medical and post-death decisions made by others on your behalf will be made in accordance with Jewish law and custom.

Halachic WillBy creating a conditional obligation, one can achieve the same net result as that of a will and other government laws, in a way which conforms to Torah law.

All end-of-life issues and questions should be presented to Rabbi Zwickler or Rabbi Sharbat before they become urgent or emergency decisions.

Recommended Kosher Certification Agencies    
Source: Chicago Rabbinical Council (CRC)

Local Kosher Establishments  
Source: Vaad of Metrowest

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