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AABJ&D has resumed limited minyanim in the shul.
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Welcome to Congregation AABJ&D

Congregation Ahawas Achim B’nai Jacob & David is a vibrant, welcoming, inclusive and growing modern Orthodox congregation that is grounded in Torah observance and encourages an ongoing commitment to spiritual growth, enhanced shul involvement, support of the State of Israel, and participation in our broader local community. 


New Simcha Calendar

Our Simcha calendar, listing all upcoming smachot, is now available!

Click here to view the calendar

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Need to register a date for a Simcha?

  1. Check the Simcha Calendar for any conflicts.
  2. Email your information to
  3. You will receive an automated reply indicating the email has been received.
  4. The event will be added to the calendar within 5 business days

         Registration of bar mitzvah requires compliance           with the shul’s bar mitzvah policies. 


 Shop Amazon and Help AABJ&D

AABJ&D is pleased to offer you a way to make your regular purchases benefit our Shul.  For personal purchases, the benefits to the Shul are approximately 0.5%. Please follow the applicable link, sign in using your regular account details and purchase as normal. At this point, it is our understanding that you need to follow the link for each basket of purchases you make so your efforts in this regard are appreciated.

PLEASE NOTE: AABJ&D will not be able to see your shopping or purchasing profile.


             Recommended Kosher Certification Agencies                          SOURCE: Chicago Rabbinical Council (CRC)


Click here for the CRC comprehensive agencies list.

Halachic Healthcare Proxy (HHCP) by the Rabbinical Council of America (RCA)

Health Proxy GuidelinesThis document is intended to provide general halachic guidance to patients and families involved in making difficult medical decisions that frequently arise at the end of life.

Health Care ProxyThis Halachic Health Care Proxy is designed to help ensure that all medical and post-death decisions made by others on your behalf will be made in accordance with Jewish law and custom.

Halachic WillBy creating a conditional obligation, one can achieve the same net result as that of a will and other government laws, in a way which conforms to Torah law.

All end-of-life issues and questions should be presented to Rabbi Zwickler or Rabbi Sharbat before they become urgent or emergency decisions.

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