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Emergency Israel Campaign


AABJ&D has launched two communal efforts to be completed for the victims from Shemini Atzeret/ October 7th.  Now is the time for us to come together as a kehillah and demonstrate our support. Please participate to the best of your ability - the power of our achdut and communal effort will be a yeshua and a zechut to those in need.


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As a zechut for the safe return of those still in captivity, we will collectively donate $100,500 to important causes in support of Israel - that is $500 for every one of the 201 hostages. We need your help to reach our goal!

How does it work?  AABJ&D is not collecting any money. Below are a few suggested organizations from among the many incredible organizations helping our brothers and sisters in Israel. You can choose to give directly to one of these or any organization of your choosing that is helping Israel. Wherever you give, please let us know with this form, so we can keep track as part of the campaign. It will take you less than 15 seconds to complete.

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As a zechut for all the neshamot of those who were murdered, we will learn all of Tanach and Mishnah - both online and with a series of in-person shiurim on the topic of Shivat Tzion.  We will complete them as a community, with a siyum shloshim to be held on Shabbat, November 4th. 

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Join us for an in-person shiur

Wednesday, October 25th at 8pm

Tuesday, October 31st at 8pm

Shabbat, November 4th

Past Events for Israel


Tue, April 23 2024 15 Nisan 5784