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Hakarat Hatov Campaign 2021


The past year has been difficult, for the shul and for so many of us individually.  Yet the way we rallied to help each other was remarkable--be it connecting through Zoom, virtual shiurim and classes, youth programming, helping to make minyanim (indoors and outdoors), keeping members safe, delivering food, medicine, and so many other acts of chesed.  With that in mind, please join us in recognizing the tireless efforts of our friends and neighbors, including: Andrew Yolin, Torin Rutner, our Covid Task Force, Minyan leaders and hosts, as well as our Rabbis, WO/ Livingston Chessed Committee and many others. 

Hakarat Hatov Journal:

Pay tribute to those you wish to recognize for the Hakarat Hatov Journal, which will be published and distributed to the entire Shul. Ad pricing is listed below. We hope we can count on you for the same level as you donated last year.  

Sponsorship Levels:

The minimum donation to participate in the Hakarot Hatov Journal is $90 for a name listing. A one line ad is $180, quarter page is $250, half page is $500 and a full page is $1,000. Each additional donation of $1,000 is eligible to receive its own full page ad as well.

A donation of $180 or more will receive a registration to the AABJ&D Luncheon on July 10th.

We greatly appreciate your generosity.

Fri, June 2 2023 13 Sivan 5783