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  • Shabbat Times
  • Parsha:


  • Mincha Friday:

    7:00, 7:20 PM

  • Candle Lighting:

    7:28 pm

  • Shacharit:

    9:00 AM

  • Mincha:

    6:55 pm

  • Havdalah:

    8:31 pm

  • Weekday Times
  • Shacharit Sun:

    7, 7:30, 8 & 9 am

  • Shacharit M/Th:

    6:35& 7:25 am

  • Shacharit T/W/F:

    6:50 & 7:30 am

  • Mincha:

    7:15 pm

  • Sunday Mincha:


  • Late Maariv S/Th:

    10 pm

  • Late Maariv M/T/W:

    9:45 pm

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04.26.14 - Scholar In Residence- Professor Smadar Rosensweig
Adult_Education - Saturday

04.29.14 - Yoga
Sisterhood - SaturdayTuesday, Ending June 24th


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The Torah handouts for the month of April are sponsored by Debra & Aaron Bassan in memory of Rabbi Jacob Bassan, z”l.







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Sisterhood's Cookbook "Sharing Our Best" is now available for sale in the shul office.  $18.

Weekly Torah Portion

Purim 2014 Edition 

By: Cong. AABJD

 Check out the Purim Edition of the Chronicle.  HAPPY PURIM!

Parsha Hagadol- Acharei Mot

 Kavanah (specific intent) is not a halachic prerequisite for the observance of mitzvos in general. However, some mitzvos do require Kavanah, for example the reciting of the first pasuk of Shma twice a day.  If one does not have the proper frame of mind and intent, he or she has not fulfilled his or her obligation.  The Maharal explains that all of the mitzvos of Pesach are meant to impress in our hearts a feeling of faith and closeness to Hashem, thus these mitzvos require Kavanah.  This is why he explains that we discuss all of the Mitzvos of the seder in a question and answer form. This dialogue allows us to focus on understanding the mitzvos insuring that we will have proper intent when observing them. We have  reached the point when our preparations for Pesach are almost complete.  Let us take the time to prepare ourselves spiritually as we have physically to experience the feeling of freedom that is essential to Pesach's observance. May we merit celebrating next Pesach in Yerushalayim Habenuyah! Good Shabbos and Chag Kasher Vesamayach!