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Rabbi Zwickler's Weekly Dvar Torah

Vayeshev 5778

Rav Elchanan Wasserman HY”D attempted to gain insight into how Yosef interpreted the dreams of the butler and the baker accurately.  He noted that the baker’s dream was a very detailed story with a basket full of baked goods sitting on top of the baker’s head, and a bird eating from the basket.  The critical factor for the baker was that he was not active in the dream.  The basket may have been on his head but he was not actively participating in the narrative.  A person who is completely paralyzed can be compared to one who is not living, because they are unable to contribute and produce.  Yosef therefore determined that the baker would receive the death penalty for his actions.  When it came to the butler's dream however, the butler was an active participant in the story.  For example, he saw himself squeezing grapes.  It was the butlers actions that served as the basis for the dreams narrative.  Yosef therefore concluded that the butler would live, since a person who is active and producing is a live person.  An important lesson can be learned from this explanation; it is important for us to be active, determined, and driven in order to be successful at whatever we encounter.  In most cases we cannot simply wait for something to happen and develop for us. We need to be active in order to make our dreams come true.


Fri, November 16 2018 8 Kislev 5779