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Aliza Maslansky
Early Childhood Director

973-736-1407 ext. 215

Judy Birnboim, Committee Chair


The Lauren Elise Bier Nursery School at Congregation AABJ&D provides a warm, loving, and nurturing environment where children play, socialize, explore, create and learn. We honor children and respect children’s capabilities and potential. Our age-appropriate themed units are created based upon the children’s interests, academic readiness and ongoing explorations in their natural environment. Through our expertly planned curriculum, your child will receive only the best in early Judaic and secular education. The joy of learning and love of Judaism are cultivated every day through experimenting, observing, exploring and questioning. Our program provides a curriculum for all areas of children’s growth: physical, emotional, social, linguistic, and cognitive. Jewish and American holidays are celebrated at the school as a part of our rich curriculum.

The teachers’ place is alongside the child, posing questions, that elicit imaginative thinking, problem solving, and decision making in the pursuit of a deeper perspective as well as, expanding upon explorations and helping children to find answers to their questions.Our goal is to provide children with the skills that will help them to become lifelong learners, independent thinkers and team players.

Woven into our curriculum is a feeling of Ahavat Yisrael, unity among our students, teachers and by extension to the greater community. In the partnership of learning among children and teachers, we foster responsibility, cooperation, active participation, care, and respect-qualities in a Torah rich environment. Students are offered varied opportunities to explore, question, and creatively respond to the world around them.

Over the course of our program, your child will become familiar with many Jewish themes such as the significance of Shabbat, Chagim, Torah, Mitzvot, and the land and people of Israel. Through hands-on activities, we instill a constant sense of pride and love for our Jewish heritage and explore every holiday in its own distinct way.

We are very proud of our conversational Hebrew curriculum which gives our children early exposure to the Hebrew language. Through repetition, song, conversation and play, our students develop a familiarity with and love for the Hebrew language, which will serve as a foundation for future years of Hebrew study.

We are here to help prepare these children for the rest of their lives and in doing so believe strongly in partnering with parents to help each individual child reach his/her greatest potential. We help students form strong, healthy identities, expand upon their curious nature and prepare them to take responsibility for themselves and their communities throughout their lives.


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