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Miram Dobin
Michele Glazer
Early Childhood Directors

973-736-1407 ext. 215

Judy Birnboim, Committee Chair


The Lauren Elise Bier Nursery School at Congregation AABJ&D provides a warm, loving, and nurturing environment where children play, socialize, explore, create and learn. Through a program designed around our expertly planned curriculum, your child will receive only the best in early Judaic and secular education. The joy of learning and love of Judaism are cultivated as our highly trained and experienced teachers engage their students in stimulating and creative activities in a professional and exciting classroom setting. Our nursery school program is designed as a three year progressive program starting at age 2 and continuing through age 4.

Secular Curriculum:
Children learn through experimenting, observing, exploring and questioning. Our program provides a curriculum for all areas of children’s growth: physical, emotional, social, linguistic, and cognitive. The goal of our curriculum is to provide children with the skills that will help them to learn and to love learning.

Our daily program includes basic educational training in reading and math readiness, language arts, science, indoor and outdoor supervised activities geared to the development of gross and fine motor skills, story time, arts and crafts, music and song.

Our age-appropriate themed units are focused on foundational concepts such as shapes and colors, seasons, transportation, the five senses, the food pyramid, dinosaurs and hibernation.

Special events include a visit from the local fire department in connection with our unit on fire safety, a trip to St. Barnabas Medical Center as part of our science unit on the body, and weekly dance and sports days.

The Nursery School also offers after school enrichment programs provided by Travelin’ Tumblers and Musically Yours.

Judaic Curriculum:
Over the three years in our program, your child will become familiar with many Jewish themes such as the significance of Shabbat, Chagim, Torah, Mitzvot, and the land and people of Israel. Through hands-on activities, arts & crafts, stories, song and imaginative play we instill a constant sense of pride and love for our Jewish heritage.

Our daily program includes morning Tefilah, Brachot before eating, and Netilat Yadayim and Birkat Hamazon at lunch time. Each week, the children learn about the weekly Parsha, and participate in a special Shabbat party.  Every holiday is presented in its own distinct way. On Rosh Chodesh there is a school-wide gathering where the children join in song in our sanctuary. On Chanukah, we invite parents to join in our multi-sensory Chanukah workshop. For Pesach, the children participate in a Model Seder with our Rabbi, as well as a Matza Bakery right in our own school. Our celebrations for Purim, Yom Ha’Atzmaut, Lag B’Omer, and Yom Yerushalayim are stimulating and fun for each and every student.

We are very proud of our Chalav U’Dvash Conversational curriculum which gives our children early exposure to the Hebrew language. Through repetition, song, conversation and play, our students develop a familiarity with and love for the Hebrew language, which will serve as a foundation for future years of Hebrew study.



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