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Weekly Shiurim

Adult Education Weekly Classes
  • AABJ&D Beit Midrash available daily from 6 AM to 11 PM as a place to learn Torah.
  • Monday at 7:00 PM
    Women’s Tehillim group - Contact Ora Bloom for info.
  • Monday -Wednesday  from 8:15 PM - 8:45 PM and Thursday from 8:15 PM - 10:00 PM
    Teenage boys and male adults are invited to learn with the West Orange Kollel rabbis. Contact Steve Malech at or Rabbi Stone at
  • Tuesday at 10:00 AM
    Women’s Parshat Hashavuah class/ R’ Zwickler.
  • Tuesday at 1:00 PM
    Class by Rabbi Yonah Lazar at the Datalife offices, 500 Bloomfield Ave. Verona. Everyone is welcome.
  • Tuesday from 9:00 PM –9:30 PM
    The Young Professionals Chaburah  in rotating homes followed by Maariv.  
  • Wednesday night after Maariv
    Navi Shiur led by Rabbi Sharbat in the Sephardic Minyan. "From Judges to Kings: Exploring the Lives of Shmuel and Shaul" Please bring your own Tanach. Source sheets provided. 
  • Wednesday  from 8:30 PM - 9:30 PM
    Rabbi Ari Elbaz of the West Orange Kollel.
  • Thursday  at 8:00 PM
    Sephardic Shul, "Thoughts on the Parsha"  by Rabbi Sharbat
  • Thursday at 8:30 PM
    Gemara Class, Masechet Brachot /Beit Midrash/ Rabbi Zwickler.
  • Thursday at 9:00 PM
    Havruta learning- Library. The group is learning Sanhedrin. 
  • Shabbat 15 minutes after Kiddush begins.
    “The Rav in Thought and Deed” / Main Sanctuary .

Daf Yomi

  • Shabbat Morning Shiur at 8:15 AM in the Library.
  • Daf Yomi shiur on Monday & Wednesday evenings at 8: PM in the library.
  • Daf Yomi shiur every weekday morning in the library after the first minyan.

NEW!!! Join our expanding Sunday morning Gemara Chabura after the 8:00 AM minyan.  We meet each week for one hour and cover about half an amud (page) per week.  We are currently learning Masechet Makos, and should have our first siyum this summer.  For beginners to advanced.  For more information please contact Moshe Glick at

Wed, November 25 2020 9 Kislev 5781