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Congregation AABJ&D 2019 Dinner


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Yaffa & Larry Liebman, Guests of Honor

Yaffa and Larry moved to West Orange in 1983 as newlyweds and, from the start, they were always involved with supporting the Shul and community events. In recent years, Larry served as President, Treasurer, and Financial Secretary of the Shul. Larry was also one of the original organizers and participants of the minyan at The Kessler Institute of Rehabilitation. Larry, a CPA, is currently Chief Financial Officer of Sies Marjan Designs in New York City. Both Yaffa and Larry grew up in homes where serving and supporting the Jewish community was paramount. Yaffa grew up in Long Beach, New York. Her mother was the first president of the PTA of the Hebrew Academy of Long Beach and her father was a well-known and beloved Judaics teacher for many years at HILI/HAFTR. Larry's parents were founding members of the West Hempstead community and early supporters of the Hebrew Academy of Nassau County. Yaffa followed in her father’s footsteps and has been dedicated to Jewish education professionally. Early on, she worked for Behrman House Publishing, publishers of Jewish and Hebrew textbooks. For the past 18 years Yaffa has been a beloved teacher at the Joseph Kushner Hebrew Academy. She served on several previous dinner committees, and supports Larry in his executive and professional responsibilities. Yaffa and Larry are proud parents of Sheri, Mitchell and Jon, all raised in West Orange. Sheri Rotenberg resides with her husband Ariel and their two children Nathan and Jack in Riverdale. Mitchell lives with his wife Atara in Teaneck. Jon resides in Tel Aviv. Yaffa and Larry are very appreciative and humbled to be receiving this important honor. They and their children are so grateful to be a part of this nurturing, caring and warm community. They look forward to many more years of serving the Shul and West Orange community!

Rabbi Yosef & Batya Sharbat, Rabbi Alvin & Marylin Marcus Keter Shem Tov Award

Rabbi Yosef and Batya Sharbat moved into West Orange eight years ago. They have four beautiful children, Yael, Moshe, Leora, and Nava, who attend Joseph Kushner Hebrew Academy and the Lauren Elise Bier Nursery School.  Since their arrival in West Orange, they have made an immediate impact and have become an integral part of the community. Rabbi Sharbat received Semicha from RIETS and Chacham Eliyahu Ben Chaim, which has allowed him to have a unique perspective into both Sephardi and Ashkenazi halacha and minhagim. Rabbi Sharbat combines his tremendous energy and charisma to deliver shiurim that are well attended.  His refreshing approach to Tanach draws large crowds, as does his Rosh Chodesh shiur for women, and his annual Haggadah shiur is eagerly anticipated.  He is an educator that is able to connect to the younger generation at all levels, and is highly regarded by his colleagues and students at JKHA and RKYHS, and formerly at Yeshivat Noam. In addition, he is involved with the Eruv and the Vaad of MetroWest. Batya is a dynamic educator at JKHA, and formerly at SAR Academy in Riverdale, and who creates meaningful relationships with her students. Since her arrival in West Orange she has immersed herself in the community, and has connected with all generations.  She has run the Bat Mitzvah program for a number of years, hosted Kinderkafot and has given Kallah classes on a regular basis.  She is also active on the early childhood committee, Sisterhood, and welcoming committee.  Rabbi Yosef and Batya Sharbat are wonderful role models for our community and dedicated to instilling in the next generation the love of Judaism and synagogue life at AABJ&D.  They are truly deserving of the Rabbi Alvin and Marylin Marcus Keter Shem Tov award this year. 


Staci & Doron Zeif, Young Leadership Award

Staci and Doron moved to West Orange in 2013 from Riverdale, and have since become active members of AABJ&D. Doron, originally from Riverdale, is an in-house corporate attorney at Barclays Bank. Doron is a member of the board of the Shul and has volunteered in many areas, including the Youth Committee, the Marketing Committee, the Nominating Committee and the Sustaining Membership Campaign. Doron enjoys his Tuesday (early!) morning learning with Rabbi Zwickler and attending Rabbi Sharbat's various shiurim. Finally, Doron is looking to launch a new "fist-bump only" initiative on Shabbat mornings. Staci, originally from New Hempstead, is a Middle School Language Arts teacher at the Joseph Kushner Hebrew Academy. Staci has had wonderful, diverse experiences at AABJ&D, including working on grants for programming, speaking at Leil Limud, and various Sisterhood events. Staci and Doron are the proud parents of Kira (12), Maya (10), Noah (7), and Adina (7). They are thrilled that their children are able to grow up in such an incredibly warm community and benefit from all of the great youth programming at AABJ&D.

Debbi & Marvin Weintraub, Lifetime Achievement Award

Debbi and Marvin moved to West Orange in 1975. They immediately became active in leadership roles throughout the community, including AABJ&D, Joseph Kushner Hebrew Academy and Israel Bonds. Marvin has generously provided his time, expertise and skills to the Shul in many capacities including Member and Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Vice President, Men’s Club Treasurer and Chairman of the High Holiday Seating Committee. He installed AABJ&D’s original and current computer systems. Marvin served on the JKHA Board and was honored by Israel Bonds. His devotion to the Shul includes serving on the Kol Nidre Appeal, Nominating, Raffles, Concert, Art Auction and other Committees. Debbi has been a dedicated leader of AABJ&D serving on the Board of Trustees and as a Vice President of Sisterhood. Her AABJ&D activities include Co-Chairing Shul Dinners, Sisterhood Donor Dinners and Jewels Committees and serving on other Committees. Debbi is a lifetime member of AMIT and past Vice President of the West Orange chapter. She served on JKHA’s Parents Teachers Council.  Her biggest claim to fame is being “Morah Debbi” to hundreds of children during her 30 years of teaching at JKHA. Debbi and Marvin have two children, Rita married to Stuart Rak and Mark married to Yael Levy. Rita and Mark both attended the Shul’s Nursery School and JKHA and are leaders in their communities. Debbi and Marvin’s grandchildren Noam, Brielle, Jacob, Shai and Lucas attend Moriah and JKHA.

Tue, January 19 2021 6 Shevat 5781