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Star Wars movies        

Wednesday, August 2: Star Wars
Episode V: Star Wars

Movie will start at 7pm sharp


Join us as the Men's Club shows all eight Star Wars movies on a weekly basis! 

• Free popcorn for all/free pizza for 12 and under
 Parent/Child program: Dress up in costumes and bring your light sabers! 
 There is NO CHARGE for this fun family event!




Laws of the Three Weeks

Tuesday, July 11 marks the fast of the 17th of Tamuz. This fast commemorates a number of calamities that have taken place historically on this day for our people. Most notably, the fast begins the "Three Weeks" period of mourning for the destruction of the Beis Hamikdash.

Below are some laws which pertain to the "Three Weeks":

1. According to Ashkenaz minhag, haircuts and shaving one's face is prohibited. A person may get a haircut or shave if this will cause him or her a financial loss or create difficulty in business. If it would suffice in such a situation to shave once or twice a week as opposed to every day, one should do so.
2. Dancing and playing of musical instruments are forbidden during this period. It is the custom to refrain from listening to live or recorded music. One may listen to slow meaningful songs that are a cappella and appropriate for this time period.
3. One is permitted to exercise even though music may be playing in the background as part of an exercise class.
4. The laws of mourning do not apply to Shabbos. One is encouraged to sing zemiros accordingly.
5. It is customary to refrain from making the bracha of shehecheyanu during this period. Therefore, one should not purchase or wear for the first time new clothes which would require such a bracha (suits, gowns etc.). One may purchase and wear new clothing that does not require the bracha of shehecheyanu (shoes, socks, shirts, etc.).

May we merit to see the third Beis Hamikdash rebuilt in our times!

Eliezer Zwickler, LCSW
Rabbi, Congregation AABJD




Tisha b'Av and
the Nine Days

The Nine Days begins Sunday night, July 23. Click here for a guide to the laws of the Nine Days, and check back for our Tisha b'Av program schedule, coming soon. 

Click here for the Tisha b'Av schedule.



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