Rabbi Zwickler's Weekly Dvar Torah

Toldot 5778

Chazal tell us that Esav was exceptional when it came to the mizvah of Kibbud Av, honoring his father. Rashi expounds upon this and explains that Esav would ask Yitzchak questions regarding halachic practice. The truth, however, was that he did to fool his father into telling him what he wanted to hear. Our Rabbis teach us that Yitzchak allowed himself to act as if he was fooled by Esav, because he wanted to keep Esav close since he understood his dangerous potential and hoped that he could influence him in a positive way. It is important for us to learn a valuable lesson from the interaction between Esav and his father as it pertains to our own interactions. There are times when people may tell us, or we may tell others what we, or they want to hear. While we may be placating or placated, we shouldn’t fool ourselves to think that the other person does not sense our insincerity. May we strive to be as authentic as we possibly can and not fool others or ourselves.


Tue, November 21 2017 3 Kislev 5778